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Afro Experience Tour &Travel Agent was founded in December 2019. It was born out of necessity and passion of the founders. Born and raised in Lalibela, one of the world’s tourism wonders, and working in the tourism and technology sectors for more than twelve years, the founders aspire to take tourism and travel business to the next level. Informed by experience, the founders recognize that the GDP contribution of the tourism sector to countries around the world is quite significant and the job creation potential is huge. Although Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular has a huge tourism potential, it has never been tapped to its full capacity. The founders of Afro Experience knew that potential is meaningless unless put in to practical actions. Apart from the low level infrastructure development and government policy focus, the negative perception and the lack of sufficient knowledge of the continent has been the limiting factor for the sector’s growth. Leveraging the current technology development, Afro experience plans to promote tourism products through digital media to transform the image of the continent forever. In its active Afro Travel Blogs, the company brings new content and current knowledge to the forefront of travel consumers.

Created with Sketch. Bahir Dar

2 Days Holiday Package Bahir Dar

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Created with Sketch. Simien Mountains National Park

Hike Simien Mountains National Park , Exclusive UNESCO Natural Heritage SITE , 1978

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Created with Sketch. Bahir Dar , Lake Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia

Go Honeymoon To Bahir Dar ,

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Created with Sketch. Addis Ababa

A full day City tour Addis Ababa, Business Travel Trip.

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Created with Sketch. Harar Ethiopia

Travel History, Historic city Harar

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Created with Sketch. Northern Ethiopia

Travel History -A comprehensive Travel to North Ethiopia

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afro experience

Travel Recommendation I met Yeshi in 2015 in Addis Abeba, she arranged for me and my husband Paul then an unforgettable trip to Lalibela and Lasta district . We visited many ancient & beautiful rock-hewn churches, visited museums, markets, attend Orthodox church festivals, we walked & hiked also for 3 days in the mountains of Lasta district with beautiful views, the landscapes of Wolo province were breathtaking, we meet and talked to the wonderful people throughout our travel there. We stayed at 3 different community guest-houses while we were hiking/walking and that was a wonderful experience for us, we met the community people working for the guest-houses, they treated us very excellently, they prepared good food, testy and healthy. We learned a lot about how they work and live together in the villages. Sinds then I always book my trips to different places in Ethiopia through Yeshi’s travel, she is an amazing and very reliable person. After the first one Yeshi already organized 3 wonderful trips for us in Tigrai ( Gheralta/Hawzen, Axum, Mekele, Afar ( Dalul, Ertale ). This year ( January 2020 ) Yeshi (Afro Experience tour & Travel )organized for me alone a complete trip to Gondar to see the Timkat festival, 3 days hiking in the Semen mountains and a city trip to Axum. I really had a wonderful and unforgettable day. Yeshi gives us always detailed and useful advice in planning our trip and before going. It is a pleasure to work with Yeshi ( Afro Experience) every time, she is very experienced, works professionally, communicates clearly & easily, looks after the needs of her travelers, she offers customized travel, she will do her very best to make sure that her guests/travelers are satisfied. I would book a trip with her again anytime. Thank you Yeshi
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