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Why become an Afriktrip Partner

We charge zero fees and the lowest commission.

Unlike others, we don’t ask for a fee before you can list and sell your tours or view a booking. We only take a 10% commission when you get paid.

Built by Africans, for Africa.

Our mission is to take Africa to the World and bring the World to Africa through tourism. We share the same goal as you, so we are here to collaborate to achieve the same goal.

Get more bookings

By selling on Afriktrip, you stand to get more bookings and reduce your marketing budget, thereby having more time to make deliver a splendid service and earn more profit.


What is Afriktrip?

Afriktrip is an online platform where you as a tour operator can list and sell the tours and activities you organize.

Who can be an Afriktrip partner?

Anyone can become a partner, all that is required is that

  • You have a registered tour operation business
  • Your tours and activities are organized in African countries. We do not accept tours and activities in areas outside African countries.

How long does it take to get verified?

Verification of partner account is completed within 2 working days after account creation.

When will my tours go live?

Once you’ve finished creating your listing, your tours will go live within 24hrs. The reason for this is because we have to review and make necessary changes if need be.

How do i track my earnings?

On your dashboard, there is a section where you can view bookings and track your earnings .

Does Afriktrip charge a fee for listing?

Signup and lisitng of your tours and activities is absolutely free. We only take a 10% commisiion when a booking is made.

What happens when i become a partner?

As a partner, you can start selling your tours and activities on our site, get bookings and earn money.

How much is Afriktrip commission?

We charge a 10% commission on every booking. The lowest in the market.

Will i be able to update my registration details at a later date?

Once you’ve registered with us, you can update your details at any time.

Can you help me migrate my tours from other sources to your website?

Yes we can help with the migration from other sources such as your website, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, SafariBookings, etc. After signing up as a partner, kindly fill this FORM and we take it up from there

Do i have to confirm all my bookings?

Yes. When a customer books any of your tour, you will need to confirm it online to enable us charge their card. We are working on giving you the  convenience of not having to check every request from every potential tourist.

How will i get paid?

For every booking completed, the money will be visible on the earning section of your dashboard and you can request a withdrawal at anytime. Kindly note that payments will be made with 5 working days.